Jahshii has emotional moment at Rebel Salute

January 21, 2023

While most artistes tend to stay confined to the perimeters of the physical stage, during his set at Night 1 of Rebel Salute, Jahshii was having none of the restrictions.

While emotionally delivering the lyrics to his hit song 25/8, Jahshii hopped off the stage and climbed over two fences to be in the thick of it with his fans.

Speaking with THE STAR, he said the stunt was just something that came to him in the moment.

"You know seh a the vibes weh me get from the crowd. As a musician, we read the crowd in a way. VIP wasn't our crowd, so fi get the main vibe, we affi link our crowd... cause is a vibration, yeah man a Rebel Salute."

After his moving performance, radio personality and MC for the night, Mutabaruka, made sure to give the young artiste a public word of recognition.

"You see weh you do a while ago. Mi nuh want you take it lightly enuh," said Mutabaruka. "Weh you do a while ago is more than performance, and I would hope that is not that (Tony) Rebel tell you say this is weh you should a do and don't do your other thing."

"A from me heart," Jahshii said, seemingly on the edge of choking back tears.

Muta went on, "No me see seh a from your heart and me glad seh a from your heart enuh but I don't want you lef your heart right yahsuh. I want you carry your heart go back a where you come from. Because a serious something you just do a while ago enuh fi even come pon the show yah enuh."

"So me a tell you as Mutabaruka seh, trust me brethren, trust me. Mi a look inah yuh eye and tell you seh, don't leff your heart a da show yah. Carry it with you back a your yard and your brethren dem weh you call dawg. You understand."

The interaction ended with a firm hug before exiting the stage.

Still reeling from his performance, Jahshii rounded up his experience on the Rebel Salute stage as a blessing.

"Everything happen fi a reason enuh and we done know we deh yah fi a purpose. Combine all a that is a blessing. Fi just deh out deh and fi a perform fi the fans and fi a interact with them is a blessing. Fi even deh a Rebel Salute is a blessing, fi even alive you know weh me a seh. So is just a blessing."

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